Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What else do we sell?

Hand-Shredded Free-Range Pork Rillettes
Rillettes is a French term for what is best described as a coarse textured pate. Free-range pork shoulder is slow cooked with back fat and spices, then hand-shredded in the traditional French fashion. It’s ready to eat; simply spread on sourdough bread and toast the pig grower’s health with a Tassie pinot. Store in the fridge. Our rillettes keep well for a week refrigerated once opened but for full flavour serve at room temperature.

Free-Range Pork pies
Ross’s famous pork pies are a meal for two. Handmade in small quantities, they’re crafted in the traditional English fashion, using hot water pastry and hand-cut free-range pork shoulder meat.

Pure Pork and Fennel Sausages
Our sausages are no surprise bags. Where many people use fillers, such as starch or breadcrumbs, we only use first grade meat, from the neck and shoulder, of a quality that you could roast. The meat is coarsely ground, salted and hand-filled in natural casings. These sausages are intense and opulent, and can be either gently poached (70-80C) for five minutes before frying, or gently cooked over a medium heat on a barbie or in a frypan. You may find a single sausage is enough for most people, because we don’t skimp on pork flavour. Because we only have limited supply of free-range pork, the meat in our sausages currently comes from ethically produced pigs from a farm near Sorell. A hampshire landrace cross breed, the parents live free range, and the porkers are fattened on deep litter and housed in poly tunnels with plenty of fresh air, sunshine and room to move. While not free-range pork, it is the next best thing and we've visited the farm to ensure we're happy with the arrangements.

Dry Cured Free Range Speck
The streaky bit from the end of the free-range bacon is dry cured and double smoked. Dice and sauté to toss through pasta, or cut into strips and fry like bacon. We like to use thin slices draped over chicken before roasting for an hour in a 200C oven.

Pure Pork Cassoulet
The heady, wonderful, rich French classic. We use pork neck, confit pork belly and pure pork sausages slow baked with haricot beans and garlic. Browned breadcrumbs are stirred in and it’s ready to heat (with 2 tablespoons water) and eat.

Real Italian Pork & Veal Ragu
The original bolognese meat ragu. Slow braised pork and veal mince are cooked for six hours with milk, white wine and tomato. Intense, and very, very satisfying. Add 2 tablespoons of butter, the same of pasta cooking water, and use it to flavour 500g pasta.

Bignell’s Stoneground Tasmanian Flour
This is a product we’re extremely proud of. Wheat and rye are grown in the Central Highlands by a 7th generation Tasmanian, Will Bignell. Will grinds his wholegrain flour between quartz stones in a wonderful old (1872) steel mill on Thorpe Farm, a property the family have lived on since 1821. Tasmanian wheat is typically low in gluten, so the whole-wheat plain flour isn’t suitable for making bread without mixing with other flour but it is perfect for biscuits (or you can buy gluten flour to add to make a good, well risen bread).

On occasion we have herb fed rabbits from Gayelene Harrower. They feast on yarrow, milk thistle, nettle, radish, parsley, blackberry shoots, roses and fresh grass. Cuddled, patted and played with in Kingston. They’re popular, so come early or ring ahead.

Fresh Felafel Mix
At last something for vegans, it’s ready to shape, fry and eat. We recommend a tomato salad and yoghurt, along with flatbread for the best experience.Link

Pork and Lamb Meat
Our meat comes from artisan growers who only rear small numbers of animals. Occasionally, we may have pre-packaged fresh meat on hand, but if you really want to be sure of getting something, ring or email ahead. Suckling pigs can be made available on request. We are currently sourcing old breed lamb, organic beef, and are working on proper free-range, rare-breed chickens.